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"The only wine brand in Greece dedicated exclusively to the production of quality sparkling wines."

Milia Riza is the result of our passion, dedication and ambition to create something special as a family and for our family, our most valuable asset. We consider it as something that will carry our values and heritage along the way.

Enter our world
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Nemea is one of the most historic regions for wine production in the Mediterranean. The local red variety, a regional classic produced in the area as well as the great white of “Mantineia” are both favoured by the great terroir and turned into the base for our sparkling wines. Vinifying two of the most iconic Greek varieties, Agiorgitiko & Moschofilero along with the all-time international classics Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, we fulfil our purpose to bring a new kind of life to classic wine regions and grape varieties.



A not-invasive and biological vinification, in total respect of the grape variety, allow us to preserve the identity and to create genuine sparkling wines. Sparkling wines produced by the traditional method and with great ageing potential.

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