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alc. 12,5% vol./ 75 cl.

"Ladies & Gentlemen - our Prelude."

With light greyish colour and a fine and delicate perlage, our Prelude reveals strong hints of lemon, bergamot, orange blossom and subtle aromas of roses and freshly baked brioche.

Descriptors that are found on the palate at the first sip and which are very persistent as an aftertaste. Excellent acid freshness and crunchiness. Dry and persistent finish with a creamy bubble on the palate.


Blanc de Gris

Extra Brut

Traditional Method

15 months on the lees

530 bottles limited edition

Prelude - F2.png

A prelude is a short instrumental composition that works as an introduction to a larger, main composition. Initially, a prelude was also a practice for musicians before a concert began. Despite its short duration, a prelude helps the musicians to get in sync and tune their instruments to be ready for the main event.

Our “Prelude” sings the initiation of Milia Riza. It’s the ticket and the introduction to our world, our first piece. The one to set the tone for everything that follows. The last practice before our first big concert.

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